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Rescue Me

Rescue me, And take me in your arms
Rescue me, I want your tender charms
'Coz I'm lonely and I'm blue
I need you and your love too

Come on and take my heart
Take your love and conquer every part
'Coz I'm lonely and I'm blue
I need you and your love too

Come on and rescue me
Come on baby and rescue me
'Coz I need you, need you by my side
Can't you see that I'm lonely
Rescue me!

(R. Miner/C. Smith)

These words were part of a popular song many years ago but we think they were written for the rescue effort...they are so true, Aussies in rescue need someone to take over their hearts and give them love, hope and happiness and they will provide the same in return many many times over.  If you have a place in your heart that needs filling, please call one of our contacts today to find out more about how you can go about filling that place with a loving Australian Shepherd.

This site is dedicated to the memory of Mary Ann Lindsay, an amazing woman who placed 838 dogs during her days with rescue and who got so many people interested in, and working with rescue, all across North America.  Rest in peace my friend, I know you're looking after all the Aussie Angels and they are looking after you.  RIP Oct 26, 2011

Please click on the underlined email link to email a person in your area.  They are sorted west to east by province.

British Columbia (Vancouver Island) info@starlittaussies.com Pam 250-337-1770
British Columbia (lower mainland) grimmsmama@yahoo.ca Kim  
British Columbia (Kootenay Valley) sendoaaussies@gmail.com Jesse  
British Columbia & Yukon (Fort Nelson) kmclaugh@northwestel.net Kathy 250-774-7225
Alberta darfritz@gmail.com Darlene  
Saskatchewan aussies@sasktel.net Kelly  
Saskatchewan agileaussies@hotmail.com Erika 306-757-6993


Ontario - West (Thunder Bay) tuckercr@tbaytel.net Tanya  
Ontario - West (Thunder Bay) leeorgan@yahoo.ca Leeann 807-344-0645
Ontario - Central (Bowmanville)


Ontario - Central (Burlington) 3aussiedogs@gmail.com Jane  
Ontario - East (Ottawa)   aussies2rescue@gmail.com Ginnette 613-862-1260
Quebec (Montreal) chiensurbains@sympatico.ca Isabelle  
New Brunswick - Dalhousie


Facebook - search Nature's Estate Aussies and Aussie Rescue

Newfoundland & Nova Scotia lisa.g@warp.nfld.net Lisa 709-686-5296

Click here to view dogs currently available to new homes
or contact one of the reps above for more information!

This free e-book is a very useful resource on adoption that might be helpful as you bring a new dog into your lives.

This 100-page book by Misty Weaver, co-authored with an experienced Veterinarian, shares tips and information on how potential owners can effectively prepare their home and themselves, select the right dog to match their lifestyle, and ease the transition from shelter to home. It also has some really great stories from real adopters sharing the trials and the joys of bringing a rescue dog into their family.

Misty wrote "We want to help potential adopters realize how rewarding adopting a rescue dog can be and to help make adoption a bit easier. We do agree that at times it can be challenging but the overall experience is incredibly satisfying. I adopted my first dog from a shelter and didn't have this resource at my disposal. WOW...life would have been so much easier with all this information in one place to view and answer questions."

Some of the topics that are in the book are:

* A Month Before You Adopt
* Selecting a Rescue Dog
* Preparing Your Home
* Introducing Your Dog To Your Home

* Real Tips/Stories From Owners
* Training
* Socializing
* Healthcare

To download a copy of this free book, please click here to go to www.dogfencediy.com/rescue-dog

I was given my 1st Aussie, a month ago.  Zoey is a 2 year old female. I was a little sceptical of getting an adult dog of a breed I wasnít too familiar with. I can honestly say that, taking Zoey into my life, was the best decision I could have made. Itís hard to imagine that, I didnít have to do any fine tuning with her to fit into our lives.

My 11 yr Australian Cattle Dog & 6 Ĺ yr old Rottweiler passed away recently. 6 Ĺ wks apart of each other.  Zoey's natural instincts have allowed her to walk into the paw prints, of my other two.  I have a hobby farm, with a few critters.  Zoey, is perfect with ALL that is in the barn, a good alarm dog, perfect with my Jack Russell.

I would highly recommend adopting / rescuing an Australian Shepherd to everyone. They are such an intelligent breed, one canít go wrong.

Janice in Alfred, Ontario (written January 2009)

Check out Aussies available in Canada

Also please call us if you are in need of help rehoming an Aussie...we will do everything possible to help with the transition to a new loving home.

We've added a new page to the website "lost & found"...a listing (with photos where possible) of Aussies who've been lost or found along with contact info!  Please click here to check if you've lost or found an Aussie!


Lost & then FOUND near Rocky Mountain House, Alberta

Micah disappeared 24 April 2014 & was returned to mark 9th May 2014!!!



My dog Micah jumped out of the truck near Gap Lake on the North Fork Road outside Rocky Mountain House.  She is a dark Australian Shepherd.   She is missing her left eye, and has a scar on her left cheek.  She is wearing a camo collar and is timid but friendly.  It looked like she may have been picked up by someone as there were tracks near where the truck had stopped.   

We have lost/stolen & found Aussies listed in the following areas:


Found Aussies:
  Knowlton Quebec


Lost or stolen Aussies:



Rocky Mountain House



Midway (Westbridge)

British Columbia


Prevost (St-JťrŰme)










Ontario  (near Warkworth, Colborne)









New Brunswick


Please click here for more information!

Would you like to join our group of rescue reps across Canada?
Send an e-mail to
Jeni Gallichan at 



Sorrow fills a barren space;
you close your eyes and see my face
and think of times I made you laugh,
the love we shared, the bond we had,
the special way I needed you -
the friendship shared by just we two.

The day's too quiet, the world seems older,
the wind blows now a little colder.
You gaze into the empty air
and look for me, but I'm not there -
I'm in heaven and I watch you,
and I see the world around you too.

I see little souls wearing fur,
souls who bark and souls who purr
born unwanted and unloved -
I see all this and more above -
I watch them suffer, I see them cry,
I see them lost, I watch them die.
I see unwanted thousands born -
and when they die, nobody mourns.





These little souls wearing fur
(Some who bark and some who purr)
are castaways who - unlike me -
will never know love or security.
A few short months they starve and roam,
Or caged in shelters - nobody takes home.
They're special too (furballs of pleasure),
filled with love and each one, a treasure.

My pain and suffering came to an end,
so don't cry for me, my person, my friend.
But think of the living -
those souls with fur
(some who bark and some who purr) -
And though our bond can't be broken apart,
make room for another in your home and your heart.

--- Caro Schubert-James amethyst@nc5.infi.net

Available "Aussome Aussies"

Christmas Wish List (and all the rest of the year too!)

Happy Trails!! Rescue Aussies with great new homes!

In Loving Memory - tributes to wonderful Rescue Aussie Angels


Lost Dog "To Do" List

Rescue Stories:

Annie ~ a wonderful deaf girl & her happy new "Mom"

ARPH Rescue Party 2004 - a GREAT success!

Bosco - a rescue success story!

Buster ~ an update ~ Christmas 2005

But It's Just A Dog - thought provoking!

Christmas Puppies - an example of why not to get a puppy for Christmas

Christmas - a wonderful rescue story including "A Rescued Aussie's ĎTwas The Night Before Christmas" - written by our own MaryAnn Lindsay

Dakota & Finnegan - two rescues, one wonderful life together!

How Could You - another story to make you think!

Interview At The Dog Pound

Jenny - another happy rescue girl

Lovie - another heart warming rescue story about a deaf Aussie girl and her 'forever Mom'

My Foster Dog Is Beautiful - another wonderful story about a rescue

Sassi - a dumped puppy shows what it's like to be happy in her new Alberta home!

Shy's Hope - a wonderful rescue story about an epileptic Aussie girl and her dedicated owner

Rescue Prayer - a prayer that most rescue folk can associate with!

The Spirit Of An Aussie - a beautiful poem about an Aussie

This Dog - a story for everyone involved in rescue

Two Lost Souls - A beautiful Christmas rescue story

"Hi everyone.   A little poem another rescuer passed on to me.  The part about some people thinking we are crazy is so true.  Some people just don't understand how I can do it - but to know I saved a life, or made a dog happy, does it all for me."

Rescued Hearts

Taking care of rescue dogs is something I do best.
I know because Iíve done it, and Iíve surely passed the test.
The dogs Iíve bathed, the food Iíve fed, the vacuuming Iíve done,
And all to watch a frightened soul sit dreaming in the sun.
My own dogs Iíve neglected, but I tell them everyday
That I love and cherish each of them, though a new dogís come to stay.
I know they understand this, for in their eyes I see
The love that I have given them, come smiling back at me.
Some people think Iím crazy, some others think Iím great.
But very few can understand what really is at stake.
If I can love and help a dog to find a better way,
My one life is much richer; I look forward to each day.
So now you know my secret, Itís there for all to see
The love I give, the life I save, I do it all for me.


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